Allied Arts Staff Selection: Java Dave’s Coffee

Java Dave's 2

OKCityCard spotlights staffer Zach Gozlan, who lists his most frequent partner destination as Java Dave’s Coffee in Downtown OKC (2 NE 9th St.), an award-winning gourmet coffee roaster that first opened in Tulsa in 1988.

Since Zach received his first OKCityCard more than a year ago, he has recorded his savings, which total $152.59. Other partner locations Zach frequents include Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Prairie Thunder Baking Company, Guestroom Records, Irma’s Burger Shack and Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma. In just three months after his $50 donation to Allied Arts, Zach had reached savings that surpassed that amount.

During his work day as Research & Development Assistant at Allied Arts, he paused for a brief interview:

  1. Java Dave’s has a large variety of coffee flavor choices. Do you have favorites? I don’t, really! I go there about once a week for an extra afternoon boost, and most of the time I get the morning blend to try to convince myself I just woke up. However, every now and again their specials whiteboard has something like a “S’mores Mocha” or some other special flavor combo for cheap that I just have to try.
  2. What is your favorite part about the OKCityCard program? I – like I’m sure a lot of people – have forgotten to use it some places it’s accepted, but luckily the scope of it is so wide that I still easily save well more than I donated to get it!
We are grateful to Java Dave’s for supporting Allied Arts by offering a 15% OKCityCard discount and for helping to make the OKCityCard a valuable fundraising tool for the arts in our community!

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