OKCityCard Featured Partner: Wagyu Japanese BBQ

Wagyu Sign

Wagyu Japanese BBQ, a Yakiniku restaurant, is the first of its kind established in Oklahoma. Its comfortable atmosphere and unique serving concept offers a unique culinary retreat for patrons. Manager Jade Han took some time to share the origins and inspiration for the Wagyu experience. 

Wagyu Japanese BBQ 4

Wagyu Japanese BBQ offers a fun and uncommon dining design for patrons. Can you tell us about how it works?

It’s an experience unlike any that Oklahoma has ever seen before. In Japanese, Yakiniku translates to “grilled meat” and it’s also the style of BBQ you’ll experience here. Walk into our modern dining room and you’ll take in cozy yet sleek booths with an imported Japanese grill at the center of each table. This is where your experience begins. Choose your cuts of meat or seafood, and complement your meal with our chef-prepared items like appetizers, ramen noodles, or desserts. Your server will educate you on your grill options and how to safely cook each item to perfection. We’ll set you up with sauces and marinades crafted in-house for all you need to create a culinary masterpiece. 

Wagyu Japanese BBQ 2


What inspired Wagyu’s establishment in Oklahoma City?

My husband Li and I came to the United States about 10 years ago. We’ve lived in OKC since then and we both graduated from the University of Oklahoma. We’ve found that OKC is a loving city and people have open minds here. With much support from the local people, we consider this city our second hometown. We both love food, cooking and traveling, and we both have restaurant experience. When we traveled to all the major coastal cities in the U.S., we see this unique dining style is booming so we decided to try this concept here. 

What do you enjoy about working with the Wagyu team?

All of our employees here are great team players, and a customer’s comment on Yelp says that we are like a well-oil machine. Besides the great teamwork, we also care about each other as a family. Wagyu Japanese BBQ 3

Wagyu offers a flavorful and varietal menu. Can you tell us about some of your favorite items?

The most popular appetizers are Ahi Tuna Steak, it is seared ahi tuna steak topped with avocado wasabi mix. Another loved item is House Chili Wings, and the chili sauce we use is house craft, made with ingredients like Japanese chili powder, minced garlic, and ground beef. Most people come here for our Wagyu beef, and we offer many different cuts – they are juicy, tender and they melt in your mouth. Wagyu Japanese BBQ 6

Why do you support Allied Arts through participation in the OKCityCard Partnership?

We love this city and want to give back to the local communities, especially to support arts development. We value creativity and I think arts development in local communities for underserved people is very important. 


Wagyu Japanese BBQ is located at the intersection of May and Memorial in OKC at 3000 W Memorial Rd, Ste 105, Oklahoma City, OK 73120. You can reach them at (405) 642-3310. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For OKCityCard, Wagyu offers a free appetizer dish from the following choices with the purchase of a meal: A1. Edmame with Sea Salt, A2. Sunomono Cucumber, A3. Yuzu Shishito Pepper.


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