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This week, we are thrilled to introduce and welcome our 2019 OKCityCard partners. Take a look at our new website HERE for a detailed discount list at more than 400 partner locations. You will see a lot of your favorites as well as some great new additions. Stay tuned for next month’s launch of the new OKCityCard Mobile App!capture

2019 partners are located in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, Moore, Midwest City, Norman, Yukon, Shawnee, Cushing, Chandler, Newcastle and more and include popular restaurants, museums, shops, services, attractions, arts events, hotels, galleries and classes.

Check out the links to our BRAND NEW partners below. You’ll learn more about all of our partners throughout the year by following @AlliedArtsOKC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Anthem Brewing Company $1 off any pint in taproom

Bedré Fine Chocolate

10% off per sale for Art Lovers

15% off

Holey Rollers 10% off donuts & drinks
Kwan’s Kitchen 10% off
Morningstar Storage of Macarthur Additional 10% off pack and moving supplies
Sunshine Travel by Tim Cruise On Board Credit for each Booking! $25.00 OBC for an Inside Cabin, $50.00 for Oceanview, $75.00 for Balcony, $150.00 for Suite. Special Sunshine Credits for a Galapagos Cruise, or a World Cruise. Special OBC on a Luxury Cruises on Cunard, Regent Seven Seas, or Azamara.
The Press 10% off
Union Wood Fired Grill 10% off any entrée

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OKCityCard Featured Partner: Wagyu Japanese BBQ

Wagyu Sign

Wagyu Japanese BBQ, a Yakiniku restaurant, is the first of its kind established in Oklahoma. Its comfortable atmosphere and unique serving concept offers a unique culinary retreat for patrons. Manager Jade Han took some time to share the origins and inspiration for the Wagyu experience. 

Wagyu Japanese BBQ 4

Wagyu Japanese BBQ offers a fun and uncommon dining design for patrons. Can you tell us about how it works?

It’s an experience unlike any that Oklahoma has ever seen before. In Japanese, Yakiniku translates to “grilled meat” and it’s also the style of BBQ you’ll experience here. Walk into our modern dining room and you’ll take in cozy yet sleek booths with an imported Japanese grill at the center of each table. This is where your experience begins. Choose your cuts of meat or seafood, and complement your meal with our chef-prepared items like appetizers, ramen noodles, or desserts. Your server will educate you on your grill options and how to safely cook each item to perfection. We’ll set you up with sauces and marinades crafted in-house for all you need to create a culinary masterpiece. 

Wagyu Japanese BBQ 2


What inspired Wagyu’s establishment in Oklahoma City?

My husband Li and I came to the United States about 10 years ago. We’ve lived in OKC since then and we both graduated from the University of Oklahoma. We’ve found that OKC is a loving city and people have open minds here. With much support from the local people, we consider this city our second hometown. We both love food, cooking and traveling, and we both have restaurant experience. When we traveled to all the major coastal cities in the U.S., we see this unique dining style is booming so we decided to try this concept here. 

What do you enjoy about working with the Wagyu team?

All of our employees here are great team players, and a customer’s comment on Yelp says that we are like a well-oil machine. Besides the great teamwork, we also care about each other as a family. Wagyu Japanese BBQ 3

Wagyu offers a flavorful and varietal menu. Can you tell us about some of your favorite items?

The most popular appetizers are Ahi Tuna Steak, it is seared ahi tuna steak topped with avocado wasabi mix. Another loved item is House Chili Wings, and the chili sauce we use is house craft, made with ingredients like Japanese chili powder, minced garlic, and ground beef. Most people come here for our Wagyu beef, and we offer many different cuts – they are juicy, tender and they melt in your mouth. Wagyu Japanese BBQ 6

Why do you support Allied Arts through participation in the OKCityCard Partnership?

We love this city and want to give back to the local communities, especially to support arts development. We value creativity and I think arts development in local communities for underserved people is very important. 


Wagyu Japanese BBQ is located at the intersection of May and Memorial in OKC at 3000 W Memorial Rd, Ste 105, Oklahoma City, OK 73120. You can reach them at (405) 642-3310. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For OKCityCard, Wagyu offers a free appetizer dish from the following choices with the purchase of a meal: A1. Edmame with Sea Salt, A2. Sunomono Cucumber, A3. Yuzu Shishito Pepper.


OKCityCard Featured Partner: Ride OKC

Ride OKC offers downtown Oklahoma City bike tours and rentals that feature the best of the area’s art, history, architecture, local food, and craft beer. Owners Ryan Fogle, an architect, and Ashley Cooper, a CPA, combine their strengths to create unforgettable experiences that bring visitors and Oklahoma City natives closer to their community. 

Advanced Aesthetics Logo
Photo by Josh McCullock (@joshmccullock)

Ryan took some time to tell us more about Ride OKC:

You were inspired to establish Ride OKC after taking part in biking tours while vacationing. Do you have a favorite tour experience while traveling?

It’s difficult to choose, but I think the tour we did in Rome was our favorite.  Our local guide took our small group off the beaten path, away from the bustling tourist sites, so it was more of an intimate and immersive experience.  He showed us some ancient art and architecture, took us inside a historic church and we tried food at several family-owned restaurants and bakeries where we even got to meet the chefs.  He told us some interesting facts, most of which you couldn’t find in a travel book, and also blended his commentary with personal opinion that came off very authentic. Plus, as an added bonus, we made some new friends along the way!

Ride OKC_Photo by Josh McCullock
Photo by Josh McCullock (@joshmccullock)

Ryan, as an architect, what do you think about the many residential and commercial developments that are taking place throughout the metro?

One of the best things about living in Oklahoma City is that it’s a place still in flux.  As an architect, it’s exciting to be able to play a part in helping to determine that identity.  Design in OKC doesn’t have to adhere to sameness or outworn traditions synonymous with older historic cities, which really frees one’s creativity.  We are very excited about Scissortail Park and the surrounding area. The firm I work for, Populous, designed the new Convention Center across the street from the park.  Having so many large scale projects in such a close proximity will undoubtedly be a catalyst for very many fun activities.

Ride OKC_Photo by Matt Payne
Photo by Matt Payne (@mattpaynetravelphotography)

What do attendees enjoy most about your guided tours?

Our attendees come from all walks of life and ages.  It seems like everyone goes away learning something new, even lifelong locals that finish our tours tend to leave with a greater sense of pride about our home. We think many people have forgotten how fun it is to ride bikes, and how easy it is to navigate around a relatively flat city. It’s not uncommon for our attendees to say they haven’t ridden a bike in years, but everyone has been able to finish our tours.  Oklahoma City isn’t really seen as a tourist destination yet, so we don’t get many people that are visiting here on vacation very often, but when we do I believe they are pleasantly surprised at how great the culture is here and how much we have to offer. OKC is a very well-rounded city with a great story that’s largely untold.

Ride OKC_Photo by Josh McCullock 2
Photo by Josh McCullock (@joshmccullock)

What role do the arts play in your tours?

The arts play a huge role in our bicycle experiences, without it there really wouldn’t be anything interesting for us to talk about or to show people.  Our bike routes are intentionally designed with the arts in mind so that we literally don’t have to go further than a few hundred feet without seeing something notable.  One might also consider the craft beer on our Bikes + Brews Tour as “liquid art”, especially once you hear about what all went into the creation of it from the brewmaster.

Why do you support Allied Arts through participation in the OKCityCard Partnership?

One of our main focuses is bringing the local community together.  The OKCityCard is a great fit for Ride OKC, since we highlight local art and architecture on our tours.  Who knows, maybe some of the proceeds generated from our participation will result in new public art that will give our guides even more things to share.  (Side note: the Allied Arts ARTini event was the first date I ever took Ashley on and where we purchased one of our few coveted pieces of original art together.)

Ride OKC_Photo by Matt Payne 2
Photo by Matt Payne (@mattpaynetravelphotography)

Ride OKC Tours begin on the West Side of the Myriad Botanical Gardens at the cross streets of South Hudson and North Sheridan. Look for the their black cargo trailer parked on the street near 400 W California Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 on the weekends. You can reach Ryan and Ashley via phone at 405-309-9696 or via email at hello@rideokc.com. 

Follow their adventures on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Ride OKC offers a 10% off bike tours and rentals with your OKCityCard

Ride OKC_Ryan Fogle and Ashley Cooper
Ryan Fogle and Ashley Cooper – Photo by Josh McCullock (@joshmccullock)



Scottie’s Deli: OKCityCard Featured Partner

Scottie's Outside Shot (Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman)
Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman

Today’s featured partner is Scottie’s Deli, an Oklahoma City delicatessen that was founded on the three principles of passion, craftsmanship and quality. Nurturing a mix of traditional and modern Jewish, German, and Italian culinary influences, Owner Eric Fossett and Chef Jake Red Elk create a variety of menu options crafted from scratch. Fossett took the time to provide insight into the tradition and innovation that helps Scottie’s thrive:

You opened Scottie’s Deli in late 2017 after transitioning from a career in the oil industry. What attracted you to entrepreneurship as a restaurant owner?

There really are several factors that led to opening Scottie’s Deli. 1.) My family had sandwich shops in northern California when I was growing up, so sandwiches are a large part of my history. 2.) I have long had a love of great food and scratch cooking and 3.) When I moved to Oklahoma City in 2014 I noticed there was not a traditional style deli like I was used to in other big cities I had lived in (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston).

So, when I found myself looking for my next venture after the oil downturn, the idea that immediately came to mind was to open a deli.  I spent the next few months exploring all my options but kept coming back to the deli concept, and specifically, the deli concept in Oklahoma City. I felt it was the right time and place for several reasons: first and foremost is the sense of community I had experienced here. Second was the exciting growth I had seen since moving here, and lastly was the idea of sharing my passion for high quality food.


Why did you decide to base your deli concept on a variety of ethnic food traditions?

Delicatessen is a German loanword which first appeared in English in 1889 and is the plural of Delikatesse.  In German it was originally a French loanword, délicatesse, meaning “delicious things (to eat).”  The first Americanized short version of this word, deli, came into existence c. 1954.

The delicatessen is a large part of American history, and we are trying to embrace that while also providing a modern take on it.  As Jewish, Italian, German, Greek, etc. immigrants moved to America, they brought their cooking traditions with them and opened stores in their neighborhoods, or delicatessens. As cities and technology grew, the need for the neighborhood delicatessen started to wane, to the point that there are few remaining delis – yet every big city still has them. With that in mind, I decided not to do a strictly Jewish, or solely Italian-style deli but instead opted to embrace the concept and importance they all played in American history to just call it an American Deli.  Overall, we don’t feel we are basing the concept on ethnic food traditions as much as incorporating classic deli food traditions.


You partner with Chef Jake Red Elk to prepare all meals from scratch. How do you incorporate creativity in your offerings?

Chef Jake Red Elk (from Florida and formerly of Mary Eddys, KDs, Mahogany, etc.) and I try to honor the traditional deli foods, such as the Reuben and Pastrami (brined and smoke in-house), but put our spin on the dishes. For instance, we add a little more smoke to the Pastrami than your typical East Coast deli and we use our house-made whole grain mustard instead of the traditional yellow mustard. Beyond the standard deli offerings, we just have a passion and love for tasty foods, so we frequently experiment with our ingredients and flavors. I have a standing challenge to my employees to experiment and create new dishes. We also frequently travel and look for inspiration in foods of other cities. Basically, what it comes down to is a staff that is passionate about food, committed to doing things right, and knowledgeable and interested in creating delicious food.


Why do you support Allied Arts through participation in the OKCityCard Partnership?

Community is probably the largest reason I decided to open up shop in Oklahoma City, so any opportunity to partner with a group bringing such positive energy to the community is essential to us. Allied Arts is such a monumental force in our community that any support we can offer to help them enrich our community through arts is considered an honor for us.

What do the arts mean to you? Why are the culinary arts important for our community?

To me, the Arts, in a broad sense, represent the human experience, past, present and possibly future if you subscribe to the “life imitating art” concept. Art, as a whole reflect the times, the culture, the history, the beliefs, the mood of a people. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that much of what we know from past civilizations was learned through their art and the culinary arts are no exception. Many of the foods we all cook were passed down through at least a few generations, likely from recipes from their homelands that had to be changed based on local availability of ingredients. The dishes would also vary based on nationality. As we are starting to see in our modern culture, and as I’m sure was true in the past with immigration and integration of cultures, you see fusion and new foods being created. So, to me, where I see the importance of culinary arts is really two-fold: it is a preservation of our roots and our pasts, but it also represents our growth and integration as a society. 

Scottie's Owner Photo (by The Oklahoman's Jim Beckel)
Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman

Scottie’s Deli is located at  427 NW 23rd St, OKC 73103. You can reach the deli at (405) 604-8940 and on their website at www.scottiesdeliokc.com. Follow them on social @ScottiesDeliOKC. Scottie’s offers a free cookie with the purchase of an entrée using your OKCityCard. 

Stella Modern Italian Cuisine: OKCityCard Featured Partner

Today’s featured partner is Stella Modern Italian Cuisine, a staple of Midtown OKC run by creative and community-oriented Lori Burson. Stella thrives through a focus on fine cuisine, superb wine, and a neighborhood atmosphere. 

Stella Building Front

Lori, you were inspired to create Stella’s concept after studying in Rome during college. What attracted you to the restaurant industry?

I graduated from the University of Dallas, and at first, the industry was a big part of the way I paid for college. I studied and enjoyed psychology, but when I finished school I decided I wanted to focus on my passion of food and wine.

Community and the arts are developing an increasing importance in Oklahoma City. How do you work to bring these two elements together?

I had been in the industry for a long time in OKC and then took a break before opening Stella, doing lots of community work for organizations such as Oklahoma Contemporary, the American Red Cross, Oklahoma City Ballet, and the YMCA. I try to choose nonprofits that I have a personal interest in. My degree was in art before I switched to psychology in college, so I lean toward supporting the arts.

As a business owner, I realize that as larger companies look at our city to move and expand, they look at what we have to offer. One aspect is our impact on future generations, so I love to support nonprofits that offer programs for youth education.

Can you tell us about your favorite experiences serving the community?

I have loved supporting Arts Council Oklahoma City’s Festival of the Arts for several years. The experience of being downtown and working hand-in-hand with the artists, whether covering a booth or assisting with other event needs, is important. This year, I I’m serving as a chair of Oklahoma Contemporary’s fundraiser, “The Art of Brunch,” which will take place Saturday, June 16th in Campbell Art Park. 

My experiences with community organizations have changed through the years to adapt to my career changes. When I was taking time off before creating Stella, I was able to focus totally on volunteer work. Now that I own my own restaurant, my hours are fewer, so I can’t do as much hands-on support. Now I try to support the community through my restaurant in the ways that I can.

Stella Photo

 What are your favorite dishes at Stella?

Our menu changes frequently, so it really depends on the day. I get obsessed with certain seasonal entrées and so I try to enjoy them as often as possible before the menu changes again to a new season. [Check out their current dinner menu HERE.]

What do the arts mean to you? Why are they important for our community?

I mentioned that the arts help to attract new businesses and bring larger ones to our city. Arts organizations also work to keep elements of art and culture around us, which helps to enhance all of our lives. Stella offered its first season of Arts on the Patio last year, and we look forward to bringing it back with live local music on Thursdays starting after Memorial Day. We’ll also bring in a new feature of live music on Saturdays during brunch.

Why do you support Allied Arts through participation in the OKCityCard Partnership?

Because of the quality of the products that we serve, Stella does not offer coupons or promotions. The OKCityCard Partner offer is only one of two ways that you can get a discount at the restaurant. That is because we believe in supporting the arts and helping to bring business to local establishments.

Stella is located in Midtown at 1201 N Walker Ave, OKC 73103. You can reach them at (405) 235-2200 and on the website at www.stella-okc.com. Follow them on social @stellaokc. Stella offers 15% off up to 2 lunch entrées with your OKCityCard. Stella Photo 2

Junction Coffee: OKCityCard Featured Partner

Our featured partner this week is Junction Coffee, a creative, charming, and community-oriented coffee shop housed in a double-decker bus and owned by husband-wife team Nick and Lori Bollinger. 

We visited the mobile shop stopped at Kerr Park in downtown OKC to chat with Nick about the bus, the business, and his thoughts on creativity and community. 


You and Lori started out as youth pastors in Oklahoma City. How did you become inspired to start Junction Coffee?

As youth pastors, we valued the relationships that could be built through worship. Our original idea was to start a brick-and-mortar coffee shop because we felt inspired to create a space that could foster a similar expression through a neutral platform that appealed to all walks of life. We envisioned a coffee business that could make people feel comfortable, valued, important, and loved, and realized that a mobile shop was a more responsible financial undertaking. Around that time, we came across a double-decker bus at a mechanic’s shop on West Reno. The mechanic, who had been trained overseas, connected us to a company based out of the UK that located a bus and helped us ship it over. 

The double-decker can drive up to 45 mph

What drives your enthusiasm as entrepreneurs?

It is really fun. Also, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves through the experience. While Lori likes a little more structure, I thrive on situations that involve borderline chaos. To have an occupation that is fluid on a daily basis is exciting. For example, I found out this morning that there was a bolt that had broken on the bus engine, so I’ve been running around opening up bus panels to fix the issue. I get a little bit giddy when there is a new challenge or new puzzle to fix.

Level 2 is perfect for relaxing with coffee and friends

How do you select your coffee offerings?

When we started, we wanted to make sure that we supported Oklahoma businesses as much as we could instead of bringing coffees in from other parts of the country. Because we value good relationships, we tend to favor local roasters that also value this. And, since our bus moves to different locations, our base menu is kept consistent to stay anchored for our customers. We have great relationships with Mariposa, EÔTÉ, and also have a great relationship with our Civic Center location. This helps us support local businesses, serve a great product, and foster relationships with good friends. 

View of the kitchen area.JPG
View of the bus kitchen

Why do you think the arts are important for our community?

For one thing, if nothing were different, everything would be the same. That seems simple, but fostering creativity and artistic expression in multiple ways adds depth to the human experience and helps us understand how we connect with one another. There is a broad spectrum, and if we confine it to one outlet, we miss ways to appreciate beauty and to learn how we can better ourselves.

Recently, Lori and I were excited to buy our first piece of art together at an auction for Jubilee Partners nonprofit. We were thrilled and talked about it for hours. The artist captured an intimate moment of a performer backstage resting after an exhausting number and it is beautiful and effective. 

Junction Coffee is typically parked at the Civic Center Music Hall on Tuesdays, St. Anthony’s Hospital (9th and Walker) on Wednesdays, Kerr Park (R.S. Kerr & Broadway) on Thursdays, and 5th and Broadway on Fridays. You can always check their schedule via social media, and can even sign up for text or email updates HERE.

The mobile coffee shop offers a buy 1 drink, get 1 half off offer with your OKCityCard. 

You can find info about the double-decker’s origins on level 2
Junction Coffee_with Owner Nick Bollinger.JPG
Owner Nick Bollinger and Allied Arts Staffer Laura Cunningham


OKCityCard Featured Partner: Roughtail Brewing Co.

Our featured partner this week is Roughtail Brewing Co.’s co-founder and owner, Blaine Stansel. A native of Norman, Stansel’s passion for local craft brewing was inspired by a trip to Germany and a desire to create great local beer for Oklahoma. 

Roughtail Brewing Beer Offerings 2

Roughtail Brewing Beer Offerings
A few of Roughtail’s offerings

How did you become passionate about craft beer?

I had two pivotal moments in my journey towards great beer. The first was a trip to Munich where I discovered Shiner Bock was not in fact a bock, and that there was a whole world of beers I was missing out on. The funny part is that I could have found most of those beers I had in Munich in local liquor stores at the time, but I thought that I had to start home brewing for some reason. I actually always had a desire to home brew. I even had one of those Mr. Beer gadgets during college. I never made anything that was decent though. My next big revelation was going to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver. I never was big into IPA’s, but after attending and touring some of the Colorado breweries I really wanted to open one while I continued to home brew. You’ve got to remember at the time in 2010 COOP had just started, I don’t think F5 was out yet, and there was a whole lot of west coast breweries shipping beer out here.

Roughtail Brewing's Owner Blaine Stansel
Blaine Stansel at the brewery

Roughtail hosts lots of events, including those in partnership with other local businesses such as Coffee Slingers Roasters. Do you have any favorite upcoming events?

The Craft Brewer’s Association of Oklahoma hosted the 1st Annual Strong Ale Fest on March 10th, and they had lots of one-off beers you are not able to get anywhere else. All beers are over 8% at the event, but we don’t strictly limit them to ales, and we welcome lagers as well. It was held adjacent to Anthem Brewing and included food trucks. 

Our 5th Anniversary Party is coming up on April 7th. We’re doing a different release each hour starting at 12PM and ending at 8PM. It’s free to get in, there will be live music and a food truck or two.

You’ve mentioned that your favorite beer style is the Double IPA. Can you tell us about your brew “HOPTOMETRIST?”

I wouldn’t say my favorite style is a double IPA necessarily. Maybe in my younger years it was, but right now I’m really digging Hazy IPA’s. They are not near as bitter and have a some oats and wheat that round the beer out and tons of aroma hops. I still love Hoptometrist though. It’s a west coast double IPA. We’ve tweaked this recipe a little over the years too, depending on what new hops we can get our hands on, so we can keep it up-to-date date and in line with what our customers prefer.

Why do you support Allied Arts through participation in the OKCityCard Partnership?

OKCityCard is a great way for us to get our name out there and support an organization that does such fantastic things around the city. Also with all the great business that are already on there we wouldn’t want to be left off!

Roughtail Brewing Taphouse
The Taphouse

In your experience, how is brewing both a science and an art? Why do you think locally-crafted beer is important for our community?

There’s a bunch of both involved, especially in a small operation such as ourselves. On the science-end there is a lot of biology used, since the yeast is a living organism, and has dietary requirements and living condition requirements. Also we have to make sure we keep bacteria out of the beer so we have specific sanitation procedures. We also use a lot of chemistry, especially during the brewing process and the cleaning and sanitation as well. The larger you grow the more you lean towards the science end of the spectrum and away from art end. So a Budweiser is going to be almost all science at this point.

Where you get more into art is creating new recipes and trying new techniques. We tend to do a lot of that as well. We are constantly doing new batches. We just started releasing barrel aged beers and we have some new sour beers that should be ready in the near future. Those beers specifically are art-heavy and you aren’t sure when they will be ready to sell, but you’ll know it when you taste it.

Roughtail Brewing Tour
Roughtail offers 1-hour tours that are $5 per person (21+ only) and include 4 samples of beer.  Give them a call and ask about their tour schedule!

Roughtail Brewing Co. is located at 1279 N Air Depot Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73110. You can reach them at 405.771.6517 and on their website at www.roughtailbeer.com. Roughtail offers 10% off non-alcoholic items for purchase with your OKCityCard.


This Week: OKCityCard Featured Partners

Hi, OKCityCard Friends!

Check out this week’s featured OKCityCard Partners below:

Oklahoma City Swing Dance Club

Oklahoma City Swing Dance Club, located at 4361 NW 50th St #400, OKC, “provides people of all ages and cultures the opportunity to enjoy and participate in the art of dancing.” They provide instruction in forms including West Coast Swing, Country and Western, numerous Ballroom styles, and Square Dancing. The Club offers a buy 1 month of West Coast Swing lessons, get 1 month free deal with your OKCityCard. 

OKC Swing Dance Club

On A Whim

Ranked the 7th largest woman-owned business in the state of Oklahoma by the Journal Record, On A Whim offers high-end gifts, decor, and fashion in OKC’s Classen Curve district. Show them your OKCityCard and receive 10% off clothing. Their shop is located at 5850 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118.

On A Whim

Unpluggits Playstudio

Unpluggits Paint & Play, located at 575 Enterprise Dr # 110, Edmond, OK 73013, is a ceramic and craft painting studio and indoor playground for all ages designed with families in mind. They offer 2-for-1 or 50% off Paint ‘n Play admission. 

Unpluggits Playstudio

Iron Star Urban Barbeque

Are you in the mood for BBQ this weekend? Iron Star specializes in “fine dining with true smokehouse flavor.” Take your OKCityCard to 3700 N Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 and get 10% off (limit two guests per card). 

Iron Star BBQ

OKCityCard Featured Partner: The Paint Mill

Our featured partner this week is The Paint Mill’s creative and innovative owner, Lana Riverol. The Paint Mill serves as Yukon’s destination for canvas painting and craft classes. 

The Paint Mill Class Photo
A canvas class at The Paint Mill in full swing

You recently became a new owner of The Paint Mill. Can you tell us about your background and how you became interested in the art class business?

I have always been artistic and was fortunate to have parents that supported me. I grew up being the “crafty one” but saw friends and classmates struggle with what came naturally to me. Through different job opportunities I was lucky to pick up tips and tricks for helping students achieve their craft and canvas goals. In 2015, my husband and I moved to Yukon with our son and soon-to-be baby girl. After a few years living in the city I was ready to take on a new project. Yukon is bursting at the seams with new families like us and we wanted to have a place adults could come enjoy a glass of wine and create some great art! After some prayer, hard work, and collaboration with the previous owner, The Paint Mill was re-created in its new location in April 2017.

What are some of the activities offered at The Paint Mill?

We offer both Crafts and Canvas classes and open studio times. We have Canvas in multiple sizes to paint as well as wooden boards. We also offer DIY beer openers, jewelry hangers, concrete coasters, string art and more!

The Paint Mill_Owner Lana Riverol.jpg
Owner Lana Riverol


Your studio offers rental space to host a variety of art class events such as birthdays and corporate functions. What does a fundraiser night entail? 

Fundraisers are a big part of The Paint Mill. We love to help our community so we host about one every month. We are open to larger organizations as well as youth sports and others to help as much as we can. A portion of every seat goes directly to the fundraiser and often a small raffle to raise funds as well.  You can expect a fun atmosphere and a good time while helping out a good cause.

Why do you support Allied Arts through participation in the OKCityCard Partnership?

When I first found out about that OKCityCard I knew it was something I wanted to participate in. I think it’s a great concept to enhance our community and getting people to try something new, while again supporting a great cause!

The Paint Mill Studio Shot.jpg
Riverol’s beautiful studio

What do the arts mean to you? Why are the arts important for our community?

I think the arts are so important to our youth as well as many adults in the community for a lot of the same reasons. They provide an outlet to express yourself and a task to distract you from the worries of the day. Over the years, art for me has been a kind friend to listen and distract. I think it’s important to do things just for fun as well. Sometimes we get so caught up in making that grade or meeting that deadline that we forget to enjoy the company and community of others, and I think art helps us all remember to do that a little more.

The Paint Mill Outside Sign
A sign welcomes guests to The Paint Mill

The Paint Mill is located at 10 W Main St, Yukon, OK 73099. You can reach them at 405.761.5878 and on their website at http://www.thepaintmill.com. The Paint Mill offers 10% off any open studio class and $50 off birthday parties with your OKCityCard. 







OKCityCard Featured Partner: Painted Door

Painted Door Front Door Cropped
Entrance of Painted Door on Sheridan Avenue

Our featured partner this week is Painted Door, Oklahoma City’s premiere boutique in Bricktown. Our OKCityCard Coordinator visited the shop to learn more about its pioneering owner and long-time appeal. 

Owner and visionary Avis Scaramucci entered her boutique to greet Allied Arts staff with a crisp white shirt and black puffer vest, hounds tooth slacks, and an enthusiasm for her shop that was contagious. Her right-hand gals, long-time shop creatives Tonia Cook and June Martinez, were organizing new items from market at the front desk and helping customers celebrate “Gal-entine’s Day,” a pre-Valentine’s Day ritual where women can come in and shop for their friends. Painted Door, a boutique at the corner of Sheridan Avenue and Mickey Mantle Drive in Bricktown that specializes in fashion, gifts, and accessories, is a 27-year staple of the Oklahoma City community.

The Sorrelli Jewelry Case

While her shop finds its roots at the heart of Oklahoma City and its blossoming community, Ms. Scaramucci and her team thrive on bringing fresh variety to Painted Door, always with the tastes and desires of visitors in mind. More than 250 vendors are represented by the store’s offerings. It’s currently market season, and staff enjoys browsing merchant wares in Dallas, Atlanta, and New York to find beautiful, innovative items. During a shop tour, Avis shared her memory of one visit to Atlanta when she first discovered the handcrafted Sorrelli jewelry line. While browsing at market, she encountered a woman dressed in “a simple collared shirt and slacks with a large statement Sorrelli necklace.” The juxtaposition of simple and extravagant immediately attracted her to the line. 

The Newly-Remodeled Kitchen

In 2016, Ms. Scaramucci remodeled the front of her shop, adding showroom windows to display brand-new and seasonal fashion and gifts, as well as a full kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, stove, and oven to allow customers to sample the many foods and party mixes sold by the store. Items include taste sensations such as maple bacon onion jam, dill ranch crackers, and premium party dips. “Sometimes I like to change up the recipes from the way they are listed for tastings. The kitchen allows customers to taste items before they purchase them, and perhaps learn a different way to make them.”


A Valentine’s Day Display

This desire to spark artful creativity in her patrons extends to all of her products. “We like to form an experience for our customers. We try to put unexpected items together in the store to help inspire their own creative styles and ideas.”

Toothfairy Mouse Toys by Maileg

One of the most endearing elements of the shop tour was her presentation of the many unique gifts for babies, children, and the young at heart. With the excitement of a kid in a candy store, Ms. Scaramucci displayed items such as charming stuffed animals created by the London-based toy maker, Jellycat, delicate handmade fairy tale characters created by the Swedish company, Maileg, and a new book arrival, Night-Night Oklahoma by English author Katherine Sully.

As an Oklahoma City entrepreneur since 1991, Ms. Scaramucci has seen the community undergo numerous changes, enhanced by strong city leadership, the MAPS initiatives, and the revitalization of Bricktown’s hotel, restaurant and entertainment district. “In 1991, this was a city without a heart. It grew and we have a true community that I love to be a part of.” An avid volunteer and community supporter, she finds the arts to be a vital outlet for expression, and Allied Arts as critical in providing a central point for facilitating support. Painted Door helps to fulfill the needs of her patrons and her city by creating an eclectic and comforting environment for expression.


Owner Avis Scaramucci and OKCityCard Coordinator Laura Cunningham


Painted Door is located in Bricktown at 124 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. You can reach them at 405.235.4410 and on their website at www.painteddoor.com. The shop offers 15% off purchase price with your OKCityCard.

An Assortment of Local Gifts
Old World Christmas Ornaments
A View of the Shop
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